Want to become a heel hook master but don't know where to start?

Ross Nicholls breaks down the principle Heel Hook entry and escapes that he used to begin his journey in the world of Leg Locks.  Regarded as one of the best leg lockers in all of Europe, Ross provides a great starting point for grapplers looking to add leg locks to their game or improve their existing leg lock game. This “101” course includes high percentage moves that work from beginner to the ADCC level, in this mini-series he breaks down in detail the principle ideas that will be important throughout your Leg Lock exploration.

Course Curriculum

6 Individual Core Lesson

Who Is Ross Nicholls?

Instructor Bio:

ADCC European Champion, 3x Polaris Superfight winner, IBJFF No-Gi British National Champion, 2019 #5 Ranked (77KG) No-Gi grappler in the world (Flograppling) and Roger Gracie Black Belt. Ross has been known in the European circuit for many years as a top Lightweight competitor. In recent years he has become known to a wider world audience as a submission ace with wins over Mateusz Gamrot, Gianni Grippo, Nathan Orchard, Tommi Pulkkanen, Oliver Lovell and Darragh O’Conaill

Ross Nicholls

Speciality - Leg Locks

What To Expect

Take your game to the next level and never lose a match again

  • Systematic course structure

  • Quality production value

  • Learn the fundamental heel hook attacks

  • Learn vital heel hook defence

  • Perfect for beginners

  • Backed by thousands of students from around the world.


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  • I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

    Yes! This is the course for you. Ross gives you the fundamental principles behind the heel hook. If you want to get into leg locks, look no further.

  • Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

    This course is 100% digital and is available for streaming on all devices.

  • When will I see results?

    Every lesson in this course is full of actionable concepts & techniques. As soon as you start practicing & implementing the techniques you will see major improvements.

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