Master The Art Of Wrestling And Never Butt Scoot Again

Being able to dictate where the fight is surely the greatest skill set to have whilst grappling. Having the utmost confidence to stuff your opponents offence, and being able to man handle them in return. A confident grappler is a dangerous grappler.

Having fundamental wrestling skills from a standing position, in areas such as hand fighting, head positioning, grip clearing and dominating the “inside position” will give any grappler the confidence to keep calm and maintain composure in an otherwise frantic predicament.  

Course Curriculum

29 Individual Lesson

  • 01

    Chapter 1 - Collar Tie Options

  • 02

    Chapter 2 - Over Under Options

  • 03

    Chapter 3 - Single Leg Options

    • 1. Single Leg Entry

    • 2. Single Leg Finish - Head Inside

    • 3. Single Leg Finish - Head Outside

    • 4. Single To Double Finish

    • 5. Single To Knee Tap Finish

    • 6. Single To Foot Trip Finish

  • 04

    Chapter 4 - Wrestling Style Guard Passing

    • 1. Cradle Pass

    • 2. Darce From Cradle

    • 3. Anaconda From Cradle

    • 4. Near Side Underhook Pass

    • 5. Leg Control Principle

  • 05

    Chapter 5 - Drills

    • 1. Single Leg Drill

    • 2. Double Leg Drill

    • 3. Over Under Drill

Who Is Kam Atakuru?

Instructor Bio:

Kam is known for being an explosive wrestler, an expert from the top position and a nasty submission artist. One of Kam's main focuses is working on the transitions between the standing work and the mat work. As well as understanding how to blend and combine techniques from varieties grappling styles. These focus areas have lead Kam to having a very unique (and brutal) style of grappling which he has used to break opponents on the grappling mat and in the cage.

Kam Atakuru

Speciality - Wrestling

What To Expect

Take your game to the next level and never lose a match again

  • Systematic course structure

  • Quality production value

  • Learn how to chain attacks

  • Learn to dominate from the standing position

  • Learn hand fighting, head positioning, grip clearing

  • Double & single leg takedowns

  • Backed by thousands of students from around the world.


Real reviews from real students


  • I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

    Yes! This instructional is great for both beginners looking to build a solid wrestling foundation and also for advanced players looking to add to their game. Kam has an incredibly detailed understanding of the techniques

  • Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

    This course is 100% digital and is available for streaming on all devices.

  • When will I see results?

    Every lesson in this course is full of actionable concepts & techniques. As soon as you start practicing & implementing the techniques you will see major improvements.