Darragh O Conaill teaches you everything you need to know about the guillotine choke

Darragh O Conaill is one of Ireland’s best coaches and competitors, in his first-ever course he breaks down every detail of the Guillotine choke. Over his 13+ years of BJJ teaching and competing, Darragh has mastered this position and made it a staple of his game. Learn the different grips, transitions, finishes, escapes and more which Darragh has developed to become un-submittable from the Guillotine while making it one of his highest percentage finishing moves

Take your submission game to the next level by learning from Darragh.  

Course Curriculum

13 Individual Lesson

  • 01

    Chapter 1 - Guillotine Offence

  • 02

    Chapter 2 - Guillotine Defence

    • 1 - High elbow Guillotine defense from closed guard

    • 2 - Arm in Guillotine defence from closed guard

    • 3 - Jumping to the safe side

    • 4 - Gunnar Roll

    • 5 - Houdini to the back

    • 6 - Butterfly Sweep To Gunnar Roll

    • 7 - Wristlock Attack Against Guillotine

    • 8 - Principles Of Defence

Who Is Darragh O Conaill?

Instructor Bio:

Being one of the most experienced grapplers in his training room since the Purple belt. Darragh took it upon himself to learn from the best grapplers around the world. Traveling all over to learn and compete. He would also watch endless amounts of technique and competition videos while home in Ireland. He developed a unique game creating his own unique positions and variations of existing techniques. Always open to a challenge, Darragh took on absolute divisions and any ruleset of competition. These experiences influenced him to become an efficient grappler who chases the submission. Because Darragh has coached for most of his grappling career, he has learned how to best breakdown and explain his grappling techniques.

Darragh O Conaill

Speciality - Sweeps & Chokes

What To Expect

Take your game to the next level and never lose a match again

  • Systematic course structure

  • Quality production value

  • Master the most important choke in NOGI

  • Defend the guillotine

  • Professional sound

  • World class coaching

  • Backed by thousands of students from around the world.


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  • I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

    Yes! this instructional is great for both beginners looking to build a solid foundation on the Guillotine position and also for advanced players who want to take their Guillotine game to the next level. Darragh has an incredibly detailed understanding of the position!

  • Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

    This course is 100% digital and is available for streaming on all devices.

  • When will I see results?

    Every lesson in this course is full of actionable concepts & techniques. As soon as you start practicing & implementing the techniques you will see major improvements.